(and the way you show up in the world… and the decisions you make.. and the stuff you ‘let in’ as a result)

I believe the biggest challenge facing the world today is that women don’t see their true power.

What’s a girl to do eh?

We are facing so many converging challenges on the planet right now that it can feel totally “just pour the wine” overwhelming!

Between health crises, food crises, war, poverty, climate change, the fact that we’re right in the middle of the 6th ‘mass extinction’ on the planet right now with species becoming extinct in front of our eyes (many say the seas won’t have fish in them by the time my children are younger than I am now) … is it any wonder that so many women are suffering from stress and stress related illnesses?  

And then there’s the fact that so many of us feel unfulfilled, unseen and unheard in our lives!

But here’s where things get a bit brighter….  When you learn to see and speak to yourself in a different way, you show up in a different way… and you’re able to create the life YOU really want AND make the world a better place at the same time!

“The world will be saved by the western woman.” – The Dalai Lama

I remember the first time I read this famous quote sooo clearly.

At first I found myself nodding away in agreement… but then something else took over.

It had a kind of “How the F*** are we meant to do that?!” tone to it. 

I mean… most women these days have SO much on our plates that there’s NO WAY we could possibly find the time to save the world too!?


Wrong.   This isn’t about adding anything else to your To Do List, it’s about bringing your true power into every conversation and every little action you already take each day!

Because, the truth is, despite what it might look like, us gals RUN the world and we have all sorts of superpowers that allow us to do that!

– We have the power to create new life!  We birth the babies and for the most part, we raise the children. We are the original ‘teachers’ and we shape the way our children see themselves and the world.  This alone means that we have a huge impact on what the future will look like!

– We have ENORMOUS hearts!  We’re not driven by money.  We’re driven by LOVE and CONTRIBUTION. We would do whatever it takes to make the world a better place for our children and for ALL children… or even just to make someone feel a little less lonely or sad and I know that when enough women see their own power and know how to use it, EVERYTHING will change.

– We are the walking embodiment of mother earth on this planet.  We carry her power and wisdom in every cell of our being. 

– When we stop competing with each other we create MAGIC through collaboration!

– AND, we control the money!

So many women these days are starting businesses and ROCKING them out… but even if it’s our other half who earns the lions share of the household income, we STILL control up to 80% of all purchasing decisions in the world! 

We are the ones who do the shopping!  We’re the ones who decide what gets invested in!

And this puts us in a very powerful position!

We CAN turn this ship around! 

As a Authenticity Activist, I am here to hold up a mirror for women everywhere – to show them their true power to create change and to help them discover the courage they need to make their voices heard online, offline and ALL the time!  

When women TRULY see their power… and when they know how to use it, EVERYTHING will change for the better! 

A small % can make a BIG difference, but we are 50%!

Right now 1% of the planet ‘owns’ more than the other 99% do put together (which is causing all kinds of problems).

But imagine if a different 1% had that kind of power?    A 1% who put the planet and people above just plain old profits!

Can you imagine the difference that would make?

The Maharishi Effect states that when 1% of a population raises it’s consciousness there is a ripple effect that spills out into the other 99% reducing crime, boosting the economy and people’s wellbeing.

Well… there are 7.5 billion people on the planet and roughly 50% of them are WOMEN!

It’s time for each of us to tap into our power, raise our frequency and use our voices to spread the word to other women too…

When women know their power, not only will they live more fulfilled, more meaningful, more joyfilled lives but they’ll raise the collective consciousness too!

Their light will literally change the way the next generation is raised, the way we live on the earth and the way big business conducts itself!

And it all starts with the way we see and speak to OURSELVES!



    • Expect to see yourself in a whole new way.
    • Expect to speak to yourself in a whole new way.
    • Expect to be more confident to stand up for what you believe in, to say what you want to say, to be who you want to be and to live your life the way you KNOW in your cells is right for you (whether it’s being able to say “No” when someone asks you to do something you really don’t want to,  being able to defend your decisions without getting all high pitched and squeaky or whether it’s starting a business you believe in or leading a full on movement to change the world (which are sometimes the same thing).
    • Expect the people, opportunities and experiences you really want to be ‘magically’ and magnetically drawn to you (even when you’re sat on your meditation pillow or laying in Savasana at the end of your favourite Yoga class).
    • Expect to see your own ‘Divine Badassery’ and show up in a way that reflects that (which will create more flow and abundance in every area of your life)! 
    • Expect to be more comfortable on camera than you’ve ever been before!  Whether we’re talking in photos or on video, you’re going to be in a different place at the end of this process.
    • Expect to know what it feels like to TRULY see yourself and to be seen by others.
    • Expect to be familiar with what it feels like to communicate in your authentic voice.
    • Expect to experience a deeper connection to yourself and to your unique value.
    • 10 videos that capture your truth / power!
    • The confidence to make yourself seen and heard in a way that raises the frequency of the collective consciousness of the planet.
    • Many new like hearted girlfriends (including yours truly).

That’s pretty badass if I do say so myself!  And it’s free!  


First I’ll invite you into the private Facebook Group (which is where all the action will happen).

You’ll be asked to answer 3 short questions to gain access to the group.

You’ll be added to a small ‘Accountability tribe’ (these people will act as your mirrors – as you will for them – as you move through the challenge).  

Then, once we begin, each day I’ll send you an email containing a link to a video.  In that video I will ask you a question to reflect on and answer.

And then you’ll follow a simple but profoundly powerful process (which I’ll share when you’re inside the group) to:

– Respond to the question in a short video (90 seconds or less) and upload it to Youtube as an ‘Unlisted’ file (so no one else will be able to see it unless you share the link with them).

– See and share your truth (I’ll explain more about how this works once you’re inside),

– Feedback to your tribe (I’ll give you some guidelines once you’re in).

You will need to commit to investing around 15 – 30 minutes (spread throughout the day) a day to showing up fully for this process AND for the other people in your tribe.  Please do not sign up if you cannot be fully invested energetically at this time.


In a past life (before children) I was a singer… and to pay the bills while I tried to ‘get discovered’ I worked in television, the stage and the music industry as a vocal coach.  I had the honour of working with Brit Award winning vocalists, tv personalities, west end performers and many others to help them find their voices and also to see and speak to themselves in a way that allowed them to share them from a powerful, whole hearted place.

During these years I noticed something really interesting.  

People who were ‘being themselves’ were far more able to accept their success.  They were happy. 

But people who were ‘playing a role’ were not as happy.  They believed that if their fans ‘really knew who they were’ they wouldn’t love them / follow them / buy their songs anymore…

And another thing… they hated seeing themselves on screen!

That’s when I developed ‘The True Reflection Technique’ which we will be using during the BRAVE challenge and over the last 7 years I’ve used it to guide thousands of women through a journey of self discovery, self acceptance, self love and self expression. 

My clients have found love, transformed their health, served thousands of people, made millions of £££’s… and it all started with seeing and speaking to themselves in a different way.

The more I worked with women, helping them to express their true selves in the world, the more I realised that the same wasn’t happening for my children… and that’s what led to me deregistering them from traditional education system, getting on a plane to a tropical island and starting our Unschooling / Worldschooling journey.

Today I work with women from all walks of life to help them find the clarity and the courage they need to create the lives they really want to live, the businesses they really want to run and the contribution they really want to make.

I expect this practice to fill up fast so, if you are in agreement with the details on this page, please register now.  We begin on Monday 16th October and I can only accept a limited number of ladies.  Are you ready to become your BRAVEST, BOLDEST self?  If so, Register Now!  It’s Free!



LOKAH SAMASTAH SUKHINO BHAVANTU - May all beings everywhere be happy and free and may the thoughts, words and actions contribute in some way to that freedom and happiness for all.