They say that we are more powerful than you know… but that’s only true until you know!  Once you know, you’re simply SUPER POWERFUL and you can create whatever you choose!

Your essential self is who you are beyond your body, your personality, your circumstances and your achievements. 

It’s who you are before you are taught to be someone and something else.

It’s the part of you that knows the truth, speaks with love and compassion and sees the light in everyone and everything…

Challenges included. 

“The world will be saved by the western woman.” – The Dalai Lama

I remember the first time I read this famous quote sooo clearly. 

At first I found myself nodding away in agreement… but then something else took over.

It had a kind of “How the F*** are we meant to do that?!” tone to it.  

I mean… most women these days have SO much on our plates that there’s NO WAY we could possibly find the time to save the world too!?



What I’ve learnt over the years (especially throughout my journey as a mother), is that it’s not about adding lots of things to your To Do List… it’s not about DOING anything in fact… it’s about who and how you’re BEING instead.

Because, the truth is, despite what it might look like, us gals do RUN the world :

– Whether we are mothers or not, we ALL have the space inside us to create new life!  We birth the babies and for the most part, we raise the children. We are the original ‘teachers’ and we shape the way our children see themselves and the world.  This alone means that we have a huge impact on what the future will look like!

– We have heart for daaaaays!  We’re not driven by money.  We’re driven by LOVE.  We do whatever it takes to make the world a better place for our children and for ALL children… or even just to make someone feel a little less lonely or sad. 

Women drive for hours just to sit with someone who is in pain…

Women leave home cooked meals on doorsteps…

Women take care of other women’s children to give her the time she needs to rest…

and I know that when enough of us truly understand and own our power and how to use it, EVERYTHING will change for the better.

As an Authenticity and Self Expression Mentor, I am here to hold up a mirror for women everywhere – to show them their true power to create the change they want (in their bodies, in their families and in the world) not by DOING more but by BEING more instead.


Even a small % can make a BIG difference, but women make up 50%!  And we’re waking up in droves!

Right now 1% of the planet ‘owns’ more than the other 99% do put together (which is causing all kinds of problems).

But imagine if a different 1% had that kind of power?    A 1% who put the planet and people above just plain old profits!

Can you imagine the difference that would make?

The Maharishi Effect states that when 1% of a population raises it’s consciousness there is a ripple effect that spills out into the other 99% reducing crime, boosting the economy and people’s wellbeing.

Well… there are 7.5 billion people on the planet and roughly 50% of them are WOMEN!

It’s time for each of us to tap into our power, raise our frequency and use our voices to spread the word to other women too…

When women know their power, not only will we live more fulfilled, more meaningful, more joyfilled lives but we’ll raise the collective consciousness too!

And it all starts with the way we see and speak to OURSELVES!  



I’m a Hackschooling mama of 2 amazing beings which means that I tailor my children’s educational experience to be based around what makes them happy and healthy and what most interests them instead of following a ‘one size fits all’ approach or curriculum. 

After deregistering my son from the system in the UK (my daughter was too young to have begun) we travelled to Thailand where we met many beautiful people and learnt all sorts of wonderful things together.

We learnt the value of true friendships and that they are real whether you are in the same place as your friends or many miles away.  We learnt that love has no borders and that a smile is a universal greeting.  We also learnt about plastic pollution, air pollution and that when you do a beach clean you make lots of friends and inspire them to find out more and do the same thing!

In 2017 we decided that we wanted to move back to Europe, to Portugal to continue our journey but shortly afterwards my husband decided he wanted to be single again and to stay in Thailand.

Since then my children and I have been in Portugal building a new life.

Right now they are learning everything about horses and the land here and we are in the process of creating an alternative, nature based school called “The Village” which will focus on empowering children to be their essential self, to trust what makes them happy and healthy and to share their gifts to solve the challenges we are facing in the world. 

Every day my children hold up a mirror that shows me where I need to grow and every day I do my best to move through my own triggers and to settle even more deeply into a sense of  trust that allows me to support them to become who they are meant to be (instead of who I fantastise they ‘should’ be). 

 In a past life (before children) I was a singer… and to pay the bills while I tried to ‘get discovered’ I worked in television, the stage and the music industry as a vocal coach.  I had the honour of working with Brit Award winning vocalists, tv personalities, West End performers and many others to help them find their voices and also to see and speak to themselves in a way that allowed them to share them from a powerful, whole hearted place.

During these years I noticed something really interesting.  

People who were ‘being themselves’ were far more able to accept their success.  They were happy. 

But people who were ‘playing a role’ were not as happy.  They believed that if their fans ‘really knew who they were’ they wouldn’t love them / follow them / buy their songs anymore…

And another thing… they hated seeing themselves on screen!

That’s when I developed ‘The True Reflection Technique’ – a practice using self reflection, video, mirroring and repetition to help people to SEE who they really are and to speak to themselves in a way that’s aligned with that realisation.

I spent 7 years taking thousands of people through my 30 day challenges without charge to hone the process. 

People have found love, transformed their health, found the courage to get out there and serve thousands of people, to begin brand new businesses and make millions of £££’s… all fueled by this new way of seeing  and speaking to themselves.

The deep desire to live a truly authentic life is also what led to me deciding to start sharing doTERRA essential oils to play my part in what I see as an absolutely essential movement empowering families everywhere to take back control of their health and happiness by transitioning to a more natural lifestyle.

There is afterall nothing more authentic than nature!




(aren’t we all?)




I have gone through some big transitions in my life lately (becoming a single mama, moving half way across the world… again… and starting a new life in a(nother) new country but I plan to start sharing more here soon.  My current offerings are below.  I hope you find something that serves


In February 2017 I started using doTERRA products as a customer.  They rocked my world.  Not only did they erase my autoimmune symptoms but over time I realised that they were a gateway into all sorts of other areas that connect us to our essential self and help us to be happier, healthier!  In 2018 I am committed to helping build the doTERRA movement (an absolutely essential movement) by sharing the 30 day visibility challenge I’ve watched so many miracles be borne from in the last 5 years or so with other Wellness Advocates and also as a Wellness Advocate myself!  I am currently a Gold Leader and LOVING the journey with my beautiful oily family.

Click here to learn more.


I’m in the process of creating a new website where I hope to share more of my journey as a ‘hackschooling’ / worldschooling and conscious parenting mummy and my transition into a simpler, more natural life as well as the various ideas, conversations and resources that help me grow into my essential self and working through the triggers that could prevent me allowing my children to do the same at the same time… my dream is to have an online circle of women who are taking small steps each day to create big shifts in their health, happiness and homes!


My dear friend Chloe Rutherford and I are currently visioning into reality a new kind of school and community in Portugal that we are calling ‘The Village’ (because it takes a village to truly raise a child – right?)

It will be nature based and focused on empowering children to know their own true nature and helping them to use their gifts to make a positive contribution in the world.

It is very much a seedling we are nurturing right now but you can find out more here.

LOKAH SAMASTAH SUKHINO BHAVANTU - May all beings everywhere be happy and free and may the thoughts, words and actions contribute in some way to that freedom and happiness for all.